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Stay lean. Think big.

Black Motions began with a belief to captivate people with its triumphant projects. 'Black' signifies strength and a dark hue that cannot be easily erased just like the impact of our work and 'Motions' means moving forward. Together, these words speak of the strength & elegance in every step that we take as a company. 


We had very humble beginnings when we started off in 2014 with the concept of short films. Over the years, our work and determination have been testament enough for us to broaden our services in 2018 as a commercial company. Stepping in with new aspirations & hopes, we aided our services to some reputed Event-Management, PR & Marketing Companies with media-related coverage, photography, and after movies.


As time passed by, we received colossal projects as we ventured into marketing services for individual clients & fortunately secured international projects. We have always believed in innovation and ingenuity & the people who dare to dream. With our ideas and collaborative efforts, we hope to turn these aspirational entrepreneurs and their vision into prosperous ventures and assist them to boost their companies for decades on end. 

Stay Lean is not about being cheap, it is about minimising waste. 

Waste happens when we do the wrong things at the wrong time. At the same we don’t lose sight of the larger picture. We do what is right, at the right time and do it in a manner that doesn’t kill us, if we fail.


We are seeking new heights each passing day and hope to create a gold-standard at rendering our services where our clients are earned & not bought and become a part of the Black Motions family. 

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